Mt Akramitis Hike Rhodes

Date: 02/04/2021

Time: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm


Hiking Akramitis is a guided day trip with breathtaking views of a little known area of Rhodes.We meet in the beautiful rural village of Monolithos, on the undeveloped and as yet unspoilt western side of the island. The summit of Akramitis, the second highest in Rhodes, is our goal for today!
The hike gradually ascends on green slopes under cypress trees overlooking the bay of Apolakia. Soon our hiking trail becomes more demanding as we start to clamber over the rocks that make up our path. Wherever you look there are amazing photo opportunities on Hiking Akramitis. You get to see the surrounding area from the best angles possible. After our most strenuous stint, we find ourselves surrounded by colourful and scented shrubs and herbs. This meadow like area leads us to our first stop of the day – the tiny old chapel of St John. Here we have a welcome snack enjoying one of the pies Greece is famous for and then it’s onwards and upwards to the top.
Just before we arrive, we find ourselves again scrambling over rocks for a short time but once you reach the summit you will be over lost for words. From the top of the mountain, you get to see both sides of Rhodes, the nearby islands, the lake in Apolakia, Attaviros (the highest mountain on Rhodes) and inland Rhodes. Hiking Akramitis boasts something for everyone from experienced hikers to more basic levels. We walk at a comfortable pace for everyone and our hiking tour takes us through a variety of surroundings. In Spring, pretty flowers, fragrant herbs and rare Rhodian Orchids line our way.Akramitis may not be Attaviros but its breathtaking sheer drops at the summit, dense tree shade and ever changing surroundings more than make up for its lack in height. What’s more it is due to this tree shade and the pleasant breeze in these parts that we can enjoy a hiking tour even in warmer temperatures unlike on bare and rocky Attaviros. The views are the same and you get so much more for your money on this intriguing mountain in the south west. We follow a different route on the way down during Hiking Akramitis, one that takes us through a forest of tall pine trees. This hiking tour – one of our best sellers due to its great variety – is ideal for anybody who likes to go off the beaten track and more experienced hikers will certainly be glad they came!!• Conquer the second highest mountain on Rhodes
• Explore a different side of Rhodes – forests, meadows and rocky peaks inside a Natura 2000 protected area
• Admire the 360 degree views from the top (of the Dodecanese Islands – Halki Alimia, Tilos and even Karpathos, Turkey and inland Rhodes)Technical Info:
• Distance: 9,1 Km/5,6 Miles
• Altitude Difference: 421 M/1381 Ft
• Duration: Actual Hiking Time: 4 Hrs /Total Activity Duration: 6 Hrs
• Terrain: Rocky trail, soft trail

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